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Serums VS Moisturizers. Which Should You Use & Why?

Question: Serums & Moisturizers. Are they the same thing?
Answer: Nope
Question: Serums & Moisturizers. Can you use one without the other?
AnswerYou can but you may not want to.
Question: Serums & Moisturizers. Must you use them both?
Answer: You can but you don’t have to.

What Is Face Serum?

Serums are made of smaller molecules of active ingredients. Which means they are lightweight formulations that easily absorbs and penetrates deeper in the skin.


Serums also address a variety of skin concerns, for anti aging and acne prevention you can try the Neutriherbs Retinol Serum or Neutriherbs Vitamin C Serum for skin brightening or Hyaluronic acid serum for hydration. This is because they're full of potent ingredients and a little goes a long way.

What Is a Moisturizer?

"Moisturizers use a thicker formula to create a physical barrier that locks in hydration and prevents skin from drying out. Some moisturizer like the Neutriherbs Pro Retinol cream  have added anti-aging ingredients, so they do double duty for your skin. 

Face Serums Vs Moisturizers: The Key Differences

The biggest difference between a serum and a cream or lotion is what the formulation doesn't include. Serums don’t contain moisturizing ingredients such as petrolatum or mineral oil that creams often use to keep water from evaporating from the skin.

Serums also contain fewer fillers, thickeners and lubricating agents.

How To Layer Serums & Moisturizers

When it comes to layering skincare products, order matters. "In general, skincare products are layered from thinnest to thickest with the thinnest products being applied to the skin first. If you think about the intended goals, it makes sense. Serums are intended to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin and the moisturizer forms a seal to make the serums more effective.

To effectively layer your serum and moisturizer, first rub the serum onto your face and neck. Then, wait 30 to 60 seconds before applying your moisturizer on top. "The reason for waiting is that you want the serum to settle in before you apply the moisturizer.

While most serums and moisturizers are used both in the morning and evening, there are some serums or creams that should only be used at night depending on their ingredients. (For example, retinol products should only be used at night, as they can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun.)

In order to really address a difficult skin care problem, like sun damage or hyperpigmentation or wrinkles, you’ll want to combine your moisturizer with a quality serum.

Achieve a Younger Look in two Simple Steps:

Combine retinol serum with retinol cream for improved results.

Apply two drops of retinol serum, massage for 60 seconds then apply pea sized amount of retinol cream. Do this thrice a week and only at night.

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