Sensitive & Sensitized Skin: What's The Difference Really?

Sensitive & Sensitized Skin: What's The Difference Really?

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Just because you notice redness, stinging, purging or some other form of irritation after using a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you have sensitive skin. You might actually have sensitized skin. While they both may sound the same and even share lots of similarities, here are some of the key differences you should know about the two and how best to manage it.

Sensitive skin type vs sensitized skin

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a skin type that is determined by genetics. It’s the way a skin is naturally from birth and can’t be fixed but managed.


The skin has it’s own normal defense system created by fatty acids, ceramides and a balanced PH level, which helps it prevent environmentally triggered sensitivity but sensitive skin don’t have this benefit because they have genetically reduced barrier function which makes the skin so vulnerable and easily irritated since the skin can no longer protect itself.


Fortunately, sensitive skin can be addressed and supported. Developing a gentle skincare routine for your sensitive skin will work to soothe your skin and provide the extra protection that it’s lacking. Investing in quality products for sensitive skin, like our Hemp Oil Rescue Cream can help deliver hydration to your skin’s barrier and keep it looking and feeling its best.


 What Is Sensitized Skin? 

Much like sensitive skin, sensitized skin tends to look dry and is easily irritated too. This similarity in appearance is what makes it so difficult to distinguish between the two.


However, sensitized skin is not a skin type. It’s a temporal skin condition triggered by external or internal factors like medication reaction, poor diet, too much exposure to UV rays, extreme weather conditions, hormones, and as a reaction to harsh skincare products or ingredients.


It’s important to know that Any skin type (whether oily skin or dry or normal) can be sensitized And that Sensitized skin can be treated and resolved while sensitive skin is something you’re born with.

 How Do I Know If I Have Sensitive or Sensitized Skin?


 Despite their differences, both forms of sensitivity tend to show up on skin in similar ways. If you have sensitive or sensitized skin, you may notice:


  • Inflammation


  • Frequent flushing and blushing 


  • Stinging, burning, or tingling


  • Itchiness, flakiness, or peeling


  • Discoloration 


  • Dryness


  • Pimple-like rashes 


The best way to determine whether you have sensitive skin or sensitized skin is to consider whether skin’s irritation is ongoing or temporary. Sensitive skin types have experienced symptoms their entire life and may also have inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. While anyone can have sensitive skin, those with a fair complexion often fall under this category since the lack of pigment in their skin makes them more susceptible to a weakened barrier 

If you sometimes notice sensitivity or feel as if your skin has become more sensitive in recent years, it’s likely just temporarily sensitized. Are you using harsh products that strip the skin of it’s natural oils? Have you added a new product to your routine? Are you using too many products? Are you exfoliating too often? Did you recently move to a more polluted environment or a different climate? Unlike a sensitive skin type, with a little tender loving care sensitized skin can be restored.

How To Soothe Sensitive or Sensitized Skin?

If your skin has become sensitized, then we recommend simplifying your routine to a 3 step rescue routine. The goal of this rescue and recovery routine is to strengthen the skin's barrier function, soothe and calm irritations before gradually introducing back your normal routine again. Using a gentle cleanser like the Neutriherbs Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleanser is the perfect way to remove makeup and pore-clogging oil while helping to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This gentle cleanser also works to soothe stressed or irritated skin.

Next, you’ll want to address the symptoms of your sensitized skin with a restoring, soothing and nourishing lightweight serum. Our Hemp Oil Rescue Serum was made with Hemp seed oil and portula oleracea extract to calm irritation and ease the appearance of dry, tired, dehydrated and acne prone skin. Just two drops twice a day after cleansing deliver much-needed hydration and lasting relief.


Finally, seal in the soothing effects of the Vitamin E Cleanser and Hemp serum with Hemp Oil Rescue Cream. This breakthrough clinical recovery moisturizer for sensitive skin can help soothe your skin and return it to its naturally healthy and supple-looking nature. Ingredients like Calendula offinalis and Allantoin work together in this cream to help support a healthy skin barrier to protect sensitive skin from environmental irritants. 



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