How to Exfoliate Your Skin for Smooth, Radiant Glowing Skin — Without Damage

How to Exfoliate Your Skin for Smooth, Radiant Glowing Skin — Without Damage

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How To Exfoliate Skin

It’s all about cell turnover.

That’s the single biggest secret to smoother, younger and brighter skin.

In order to understand what cell turnover is all about —let’s kick it back to secondary school biology and break things down a bit further.

Hang on…

Every cell in our body has a life cycle, and in the case of adult skin cells, that cycle lasts around 28 – 60 days.

New skin cells are born in the deepest layer of your dermis, called the basal layer. As they mature, they move through the epidermis toward the skin’s surface. After spending awhile on the surface of your skin they lose their nuclei, become inactive and then clog together to form a thickened layer of dead cells that naturally sheds off over time.

When these old cells shed off, new ones rise to the surface to take their place. And when those plump baby skin cells gets to the top, it’s goodbye to dull skin and hello to a healthy, radiant complexion.

Now here’s where the gist gets even more juicy…

How fast/slow your skin cells turns over determines how healthy your skin looks.

Our cell turnover rate changes throughout our life. Babies and young children have a faster cell turnover rate because they're growing quickly. They always have new skin cells on the surface. That explains why little kids have such bright, soft, luminous-looking skin—their cell turnover rate is twice as fast as adults.

Similarly, as we age, our skin never looks quite as "bright" as it did when we were younger because cells now take longer to regenerate causing drier, more wrinkled and acne-prone skin.

Hence, the simple secret to wrinkle free, acne free, even toned and youthful beautiful looking skin is in finding a way to make cell turnover happen a little bit faster and the easiest way to speeding up skin cell turnover for smoother brighter skin is exfoliating.

What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is basically removing the dead surface cells from your skin so its surface is smoother and clearer and reflects light, which makes it appear luminous with a refined texture and tone. 

Exfoliating is useful to every skin type, from oily and acne-prone to dry and sensitive. In fact, Beyond getting rid of dead skin, it might interest you to know exfoliation has many other exciting benefits including:

Benefits of Skin Exfoliating

1. Minimize Acne Breakouts

The longer dry, dead cells remain on the skin’s surface, the chances of them easily getting trapped inside the pores alongside sebum and other debris which clogs pores and can result in acne related skin concerns - from mild forms such as blackheads and pimples through to severe forms like acne cysts and nodules.

Regular, gentle exfoliation could help manage congested skin by removing dead skin cells for clear skin

2. Improve Skin Hydration and Moisture Levels

When dead skin cells stay longer on the surface than they should, it could likely cause dehydration problems making it harder for skin to absorb moisture and skincare products to penetrate deep enough.

By regularly exfoliating you will be able to buff away those dead skin cells to remove dry, flaky skin to help improve moisture absorption and reap the benefits of healthy, hydrated skin.

3. Slows down Skin’s Ageing Process

Exfoliation can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When you exfoliate, you’re removing the dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull and dry. This will help to reveal the healthier, younger-looking skin underneath.

4. Stimulate Blood Flow

Did you know exfoliating your skin increases blood circulation? The motion of exfoliating stimulates blood flow which in turn helps flush out toxins.

Exfoliating your skin is one of the best ways to stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage. This improved blood circulation minimizes the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, improves skin elasticity and will enhance your all over body glow and radiance.

5. Helps promote a brighter, more even skin tone

the younger, healthier and beautiful skin we want is under the skin we have. Exfoliation removes the dead, dull skin that houses most of our skin damage [to] reveal our brighter, healthier, undamaged skin and expose a smoother, brighter complexion.

The Two Types of Exfoliation

There are two types of exfoliation methods - physical and chemical.

They share the same goals - clearing dead skin cells, helping speed cell turnover, and leaving skin brighter and smoother - but go about it in different ways.

To choose the best exfoliator for your skin type and concerns it’s important to understand how each method works.

  • Physical Exfoliation

Also known as mechanical exfoliation, Physical exfoliating products are those containing small particles, like coffee, jojoba beads, or sugar granules. They require you to manually rub the product into the skin to allow the particles to do their job and buff away dead skin with friction.

Other examples of physical exfoliation include microdermabrasion treatments, dermaplaning, polishes, face scrubs, cleansing brushes or washcloth that buffs away dead skin and debris with friction

Key ingredients:

Abrasive particles or granules such as fine sugar or salt, ground nut shells, cornmeal or beads made from a natural ingredient like silica or jojoba.

The Best Neutriherbs Products for Physical Exfoliation

  • Vitamin C Turmeric Facial Scrub:  This face scrub is a unique multi-dimensional exfoliant combining the amazing benefits of physical  (Soft microdermabrasion particles--naturally derived from silica) and chemical exfoliating (Citric Acid AHA) in a way that micro-exfoliates to leave your skin feeling smoother, shinier and brighter. The clever potion is activated with the restorative properties of Turmeric and the brightening duo of Niacinamide and Vitamin C. Cleanse face then apply to the face in circular motions for one minute. Be sure to rinse off thoroughly!

Neutriherbs vitamin c Turmeric facial Scrub


  • Vitamin C Turmeric Exfoliating Body Scrub: If you’re looking for an exfoliating scrub that clarifies, cleanses and smooths skin through intense exfoliation without harming delicate skin, Neutriherbs latest body scrub has you covered. Using dead sea salt, Glycolic Acid and resveratrol, alongside the refreshing properties of centella asiatica extract, it mechanically exfoliates and polishes dead skin cells while delivering hydration. Wet skin first, then apply and gently massage for 2-5 mins before rinsing off.
Neutriherbs Vitamin C Turmeric Body Scrub
  • Chemical Exfoliation

 Chemical exfoliators, on the other hand, use Treatments such as face peels and cleansers, toners, masks and leave-on skincare products (serums, moisturizers) containing exfoliating acids (alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) - or beta hydroxy acids (Salicylic Acid )or enzymes to dissolve the sticky glue that holds these cells together

Key ingredients:

Alpha hydroxy acids (or AHAs, like glycolic, lactic, citric and mandelic acids), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs, e.g., salicylic acid) or gentle enzymes such as those derived from fruits like papaya.

As a general rule of thumb, highly sensitive and acne-prone skin responds very well to chemical exfoliants, as they are less likely to cause irritation.

The Best Products for Chemical Exfoliation

  • Neutriherbs AHA Serum: AHAs are a popular choice in the exfoliating world, and Neutriherbs’s best-selling powerhouse is the perfect fit for uneven skin. Formulated with lactic and azelaic acid, it carefully alleviates fine lines, acne, visible pores and dehydrated skin for a balanced and brighter skin tone.

  • Neutriherbs 2% Salicylic Acid Serum: This light chemical peel is especially effective for those with acne-prone skin. It’s packed with salicylic acid that exfoliates and promotes faster cell regeneration to minimize blemishes, redness, large pores and wrinkles.
Neutriherbs Salicylic Acid Serum
  • Neutriherbs Salicylic Acid Cleanser: With a blend of tea Trea oil and salicylic acid, as well as Stephania Tetrandra Root Extract, it gently exfoliates with minimum irritation. And it helps improve the appearance of skin texture, tone and smoothness. Moisten skin with warm water, then take a small amount of product on your fingertips and gently exfoliate. Cleanse the face using small circular motions before rinsing with warm water.
Neutriherbs Salicylic Acid Cleanser
  • Neutriherbs Salicylic Acid clay mask: A natural, deep-cleaning multi-action clay mask absorbs excess oil, unclog pores, minimizes look of enlarged pores, remove impurities from the skin and helps prevent future breakouts.

    The Kaolin clay inside helps to draw out impurities and improve oil control. 
Neutriherbs Salicylic Acid Clay Mask


How To Exfoliate Your Face

It’s easy to start incorporating exfoliating into your facial skincare routine which can help achieve healthy, glowing skin. As the face is one of our most sensitive areas, it’s important to use really gentle exfoliating scrubs and see how your skin reacts. 
A good place to start is our Vitamin C Turmeric Exfoliating Glow Facial Scrub, designed for all skin types to give a thorough cleanse. 

Neutriherbs Vitamin C Turmeric Facial Scrub


This scrub is an hybrid formula with both physical and chemical exfoliating properties powered by microdermabrasion beads and citric acid It exfoliates thoroughly and effectively to remove dead skin cells. It also refines and smooths the skin’s surface for an even complexion. 

Plus, as it’s enriched with the anti-oxidant benefits of Turmeric and Niacinamide it can help strengthen your skin’s protective barrier and keep its natural moisture balance whenever you cleanse.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Applying a  Face Scrub

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water.
  • After gently washing off your cleanser and while your skin is still damp, take a pea-sized amount of face scrub, placing a small dot on your forehead, both cheeks, and chin.
  • In gentle, circular motions spread the scrub across your face. Keep your movements light. think of it more like caressing flower petals rather than rubbing a stain out of your favorite shirt.
  • If you have dry lips, exfoliating your lips can do wonders to remove dead skin and unveil a smoother texture. apply scrub to damp lips. Use circular motions to massage in. After exfoliating, follow up with hydrating lip balm to lock in moisture.
  • Once you have softly rubbed the exfoliant around your face for about a minute or two, use warm water to rinse it off.
  • Then follow through with a hydrating serum or moisturiser. 

Body Exfoliation Tips

Once you’ve exfoliated your face, you’re likely going to want to move on to the rest of your body right? If that's the case,  Here are our tips for covering your bikini area, legs and feet.

Neutriherbs Vitamin C Turmeric Body Scrub

Exfoliating the Elbows, heels and knees

Your heels, elbows, and knees are generally considered to be the dirtiest and thickest parts of your skin, so they can withstand more aggressive exfoliation. 

Vitamin C Turmeric Exfoliating Body Scrub would be perfect for those areas. It sloughs away skin-clogging cells, dissolves and removes excess oils, and replenishes hydration.

Exfoliating the Feet

The bottoms of your feet tend to be home to the roughest spots of skin on your body, so they require a little more TLC when it comes to exfoliating. If you’ve gotten a pedicure before, you know that physical exfoliation—scrubs, stones and files—can be an effective way to smooth rough heels for baby soft feet.

At the end of every shower, exfoliate the bottoms of your feet with a pumice stone for about a minute on each foot. Make sure to scrub around the toes and the entire heel.

Bikini and Inner Thighs

It’ll come as no surprise that the bikini area can be thought of as sensitive skin, and as such, you don’t want to do anything that can aggravate it. If you want to use a manual exfoliant like a scrub, we’d recommend taking a sensitive-skin friendly product like the New Neutriherbs Vitamin C Turmeric Body Scrub and gently scrubbing along your bikini line before letting it sit for a few minutes. Next, rinse off with warm water. If you’re using a chemical exfoliant, simply massage into the skin. Follow up with a fragrance-free moisturizer.


While your skin cells replenish monthly, a gentle exfoliation of your legs can offer smoother skin, better circulation, and even improve cellulite. Start by using a dry brush with gentle pressure, then move on to your exfoliator. If you’re using a chemical exfoliant, simply massage into your skin. For a physical exfoliant, like a scrub, rub it into your legs in a circular motion while in the shower, then gently rinse off with warm water.

Using a scrub in the shower is a great way to tackle rough skin in areas like the feet, elbows or legs. Be sure your skin is damp and not soaking wet and apply a generous amount of the scrub to your body, then rub in circular motions. To maintain smooth skin, include this in your shower routine a few times per week and remember to follow up with lotion.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

We recommend exfoliating your skin twice a week as part of your weekly skincare routine. Exfoliation is all about balance – whilst it’s important to buff away dead skin cells you also want to take care not to strip away too many of your skin’s natural oils.

By maintaining a twice-weekly exfoliating regime, you can keep dry, dull skin at bay without stripping away those necessary natural oils.

As you can see, there are many benefits of exfoliation. If you’re not already exfoliating daily, we suggest you start today! You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in the appearance and feel of your skin.

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