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 Neutriherbs is a groundbreaking skin care brand designed with natural and healthy plant based ingredients to enhance 

Neutriherbs Nigeria Skincareyour  natural beauty —in every phase of life.

The company was founded By a World Renowned Skincare Specialist by name Leona Amarrie who spent her childhood exploring botanical gardens and has been working in the Plant based skincare industry for years. 

This "Plant based" trend has deep roots to Asia, where herbal remedies have been linked with beauty for many centuries.



Out of her belief that everyone can find happiness if they can find their beauty and confidence and that taking care of your skin no matter your age or gender is important to maintaining a healthy radiant look later in life.

Neutriherbs was founded in 2011 made up of the purest, safe and healthy Chinese herbal ingredients to bring out your natural beauty at any age.

We are not just a skincare brand. We are a “Natural” Skincare company. Which means all we do is heavily inspired by mother nature. We make use of nutritional & functional herbs, fruits & flowers, essential oils & plant extracts to make the skin beautiful naturally. 

You can learn more about why Natural skincare is better here

The brand was first introduced as a European brand, but is now being sold and distributed in over 100 countries including the USA, Europe, South Africa and this Website is the Official sole licensed distributor of ALL Series Neutriherbs Skincare Products In Nigeria.

As a result of the rapid growth of the brand, it was only a matter of time that Neutriherbs brought it’s natural, high quality skin care products into the country, and finally Nigerians are now able to experience amazing skincare and Join the global community of women all around the world embracing the Neutriherbs Philosophy. 


We believe that just like the inner body needs food and medicine to grow and stay healthy, that the outer body (skin) needs special treatments to keep it Nourished and Refreshed.

This philosophy has inspired us to create various skincare products for acne, oily skin, dry, sensitive anti aging and matured skin types to help nourish your skin and there is nothing more important to us at Neutriherbs than that you get the best skin of your life and to achieve this our products have to deliver to their promise.

That’s why our products are made with safe, natural plant extracts grown locally and organically to nourish and rejuvenate your skin and by purchasing Neutriherbs products you’re also helping us solve the world’s environmental issues with our Eco-friendly Packaging that do not cause any damage to nature. 


We also sell our products overseas and we have certificates like FDA, ISO, SGS, MSDS that ensures our products are made to USA and European high quality cosmetics standards. So quality of our products is 110% Guaranteed!


More also we make use of the best mix of suitable, safe, botanical ingredients nature has to offer without any harsh chemicals whatsoever that’s why you see lots of women around the world happily using our products and recommending  them to others. 

Skincare Concerns Neutriherbs Products Treats:



All our products echo our philosophy of Health, Nature, happiness, vitality and self-love at ever age. To Learn More, Visit Our Store.