New 2023 Neutriherbs Delivery Rates Updates For All Locations

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To keep providing you with good quality delivery services, we have updated our delivery rates across board to accommodate current economic realities - From hike in Fuel to spare parts down to dollar spike to our main Logistics partners DHL increasing their rates by 25%.

However, you know Neutriherbs Delivery fees are one of the lowest you can find online and we are determined to keep it that way - affordable and reliable. That's why this adjustment in rates would be as painless as possible. 

In summary the highest increment is by just N500 especially for Lagos, Some parts of PH and 34 states covered by DHL.

Here is a Breakdown of 2023 Lagos Delivery Rates

Here's Breakdown of 2023 Abuja Delivery Rates

Here's Breakdown of 2023 PH Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates For Other States Outside Lagos, Abuja & PH Covered By DHL

Dhl Increased their rates by 25% on the 1st of January 2023. This means the old rates of N2500 Is now obsolete. Here is a screenshot of the letter about the increment from DHL.

25% of N2500 means N3,125. However we'd be charging a flat rate of N3000 for DHL doorstep delivery to locations not in Lagos or Abuja or PH. DHL delivery takes 3-6 working days.

We also officially Introduced GIG Logistics. If you'd rather prefer to get products sooner in 2-3 working days and don't mind picking it up yourself you can use this Faster option for only N3500.

We plan on soon launching a Nationwide Distributorship campaign to ease the burden of Delivery fees and long delivery schedule so in a couple months from now you can walk into a shop in your city and pick up Neutriherbs products without hassle.


Thanks for your continued Patronage and Support in 2022, we hope keep you satisfied and beautiful this 2023.

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  • Don’t, let me manage d ones am using untill d price of fuel reduces😆

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