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The latest innovation to help reduce puffy eyes, boost circulation, relieve sinus and headache pain and calm skin irritations are the Magic Ice Globes.  If you haven’t yet heard of them, you’re in for a refreshing chilled massage you can do at home!

What are Magic Ice Globes?

Magic Ice Globes are cooling wands made of elegant artisanal glass containing cold liquid. Feel like Hermione while massaging away the stresses of life.  The chilled smooth sphere provides an even surface during an acupressure massage that cools and reduces inflammation, irritation and puffiness.

Take your skin to the next level in at-home skincare with our limited-edition Magic Ice Globe.

7 Benefits Of Using Magic Ice Globes On Your Face

  • Reduce Puffiness & Inflammation
  • Boost Skin Elasticity
  • Promotes Healthy Glowing Skin
  • Reduce The Size and Appearance of large Pores
  • Reduce Redness
  • Relieves Sinus and Headaches
  • Increase absorption of potent ingredients in your skincare

Practice a little self care with a luxurious chilled Magic Ice Globes massage at home today.

How to use your Magic Ice Globes

Before you use your Magic Ice Globes, rinse them with water then pop them in the fridge (between +5℃~+10℃) for less than 20 minutes (never in the freezer).

Take your favourite Neutriherbs products and massage into the skin on your face.

Using the Magic Ice Globes, roll the spheres upwards along your jawline, cheek bones and forehead.  This gentle massage motion will boost oxygen to your skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Next roll the Magic Ice Globes under your eyes to reduce dark circles and inflammation.  Start from the inner under side of your eye and roll towards the outside. Follow the same approach with your other eye.

You’ll notice your skin starting to brighten and tighten as you gently massage with the Magic Ice Globe.

When you’ve finished with your Magic Ice Globes massage, clean them with soapy water, pat dry and store them in the bag.  

Do not store in the fridge.

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