Cheapest Way To Purchase High Quality Natural Skincare Products

Cheapest Way To Purchase High Quality Natural Skincare Products

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If you’ve ever shopped for Natural skincare products, then you know they are not always the cheapest options on the market.

While there are very good reasons that natural products should cost more than others of lower quality, it doesn't mean you have to purchase products that cost N30,000 a bottle.

The reason natural skincare products tend to run higher than the products you see at the supermarket, pharmacy and beauty shops around you comes down to the quality and amounts of the ingredients used to make the product.

The gospel truth is that High quality skincare products that use natural ingredients have to pay more for the basic active ingredients that go into each bottle. Since the raw biological materials cost more than the chemical alternatives that are used in cheaper brands, they obviously have to charge a little more in order to make their profit.

The best way as a consumer to get a lower price is to reconsider the specific natural skincare products you decide to use in the first place.


Here’s what i mean.

There are skincare brands that advertise as natural and spend millions of dollars a year on advertising, but the products are in fact not 100% natural at all. Then, there are skincare brands who focus less on advertising and more on research and product development.

The best way to pay lower prices and still get high quality natural skincare products is to look for brands who prioritize product efficacy and customer satisfaction. When you find a good company that does their own research and development and cuts advertising in order to save the expenses that must be passed on to the consumer (you!), you will find the lowest possible prices on top quality natural skincare products.

Now, here is the secret to finding brand names that put more thought into the actual ingredients of their products than racking up the price with heavy advertising campaigns: you have to go online.

Yes I know. I know you've bought products in the past online that didn't work and even almost got your face damaged but the truth is you didn't much research about them before buying.

Yes,  You are not going to find most of these amazing brands on the shelf at the pharmacy or at onitsha market. Most of them may not even be made directly in Nigeria. Yet, they are all widely available at reasonable prices online.

One of the best way to discover which natural skincare options really work is to read reviews from others like you who have already tried them out firsthand and shared their experiences.


Read Reviews From Hundreds of Neutriherbs Customers

If you're dealing with wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, acne, hyperpigmentation, sunburn, eyebags, dark circles or any other skincare issue and thinking about switching up your routine to Natural Skincare, Here are a few reasons why you should choose Neutriherbs 👇

✳️ Our Products are all safe, healthy and naturally made from carefully blended plant extracts without any harsh chemical ingredients in them - No fillers, parabens or artificials.

✳️Neutriherbs is one of the highest quality skincare available in the Nigeria market today, our products are affordable compared to the prices you find in high end beauty retail stores

✳️Not made or packaged locally or sold in any Nigerian markets so you get guaranteed original & affordable products.

✳️ Our products works as you can see from reviews on our website and social media pages.

✳️ We are transparent and we list all the ingredients found in every of our products so you know exactly what goes into your skin.

✳️ We have Top international certificate like ISO, FDA, MSDS etc that ensures our products are made to US & European high quality cosmetics standards.

✳️We have in-house skincare experts to guide& properly educate you on the right routine for your unique skin concerns. Just send call/WhatsApp 09078713945 or send an email to for Free Consultation and enquiry.

✳️And lastly, we care. We care about you our customers and we go that extra mile to make sure you're well taken care of ☺️

We know you're Gonna Love Neutriherbs Skincare, Call/whatsapp Jessica on 07047081546 for product recommendations and free skincare consultations now.

When the right anti aging products are used on a consistent basis and as part of a routine skin care regime, they can be just as effective as plastic surgery. More importantly, the best creams will offer natural ingredients that do not require needle injections, inflammation, and other side effects of Botox.


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