Anti Aging Skincare Routine: Best Skincare Products For Mature Skin

Anti Aging Skincare Routine: Best Skincare Products For Mature Skin

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anti aging skincare for young skin

Let’s get one thing straight: you deserve healthy, glowing skin at every age.

Once you cross your 30s it time to start taking anti aging skin care more seriously because early maintenance is key and you shouldn’t wait till your skin starts looking wrinkled, dull and dry before you begin.

Here’s why this is important.

It’s all about cell turnover.

As we age, our skin never looks quite as "bright" as it did when we were younger because cells now take longer to regenerate causing drier, more wrinkled and acne-prone skin.

That’s why early maintenance through natural skincare, exercises and good diet is essential.

But Seriously, Can You Really Stop Aging?

 Yes! I know we will all grow older, we will become 40, 50, 60 and 70 years old some day but the truth is Aging with Grace (aging beautifully) and Aging badly is a CHOICE.

It's a choice that you have to make today, right now on this page... you can take back some control and keep your skin looking fresh and younger or you can allow it to dry, sag, and wrinkled like one old mama in the village.

Aging beautiful vs aging badly


"Why is it that some people at 40 - 50 years already look like Grannies while others have no wrinkles and look even more beautiful?"

Here Are Examples of Few People You May Recognize:

Liz Benson rocking her young skin at 50

Monalisa chinda looking gorgeous on red outfit

Rita Dominic so beautiful at 40

Do you think these women just magically have a beautiful skin like this without taking care of it?


They only have amazing skin like this because they know many beauty secrets that YOU don't know and one of them is how to naturally take care of their skin using the right combination of natural skincare products.

Want to stay young forever?

We don’t know how to stop the clock, but we can help you fool the cameras and mirrors into thinking you’re a younger you. So, stick around as we break down the best skin care for aging:

Step #1: Wash Face With a Mild Cleanser

If you've been using bar soaps on your face, please stop it! The one product you should NEVER use on your face is a bar soap. Using bar soap on your face is not healthy for your skin. Soap bars imbalance your skin’s natural pH, causing dehydration.

Dryness is bad for skin especially aging skin. If you want your skin to appear young you need think more about hydration that’s why you need a Facial Cleanser.

Think about it this way. When you wash with a drying soap, it pulls all the water out of the skin and creates dead, dry skin cell buildup.

So get a cleanser. Not just any cheap cleanser you see online. Choose a cleanser designed specifically for your skin type.

 So if your skin tends to get dry or it’s sensitive or easily irritated or acne prone, get a hydrating cleanser.

One to Try: Vitamin E Intense Moisturizing & Nourishing Gentle Facial Cleanser

This gentle wash has avocado oil and jojoba esters to soften and nourish skin while getting it clean (N4500, Vitamin E Cleanser) 

Have normal or combination skin ? Look for a foaming cleanser which can help rid skin of excess oil.

One to Try: Vitamin C Brightening & Glow Facial Cleanser (N4900)

This cleanser is enriched with camellia sinensis and glycyrrhiza glabra to effectively cleanse the skin while bringing out your natural glow.

Step #2:  Antioxidant serum

 If you’ve ever seen a sliced apple turn brown in no time, then you’ve witnessed the process of oxidation, which is caused by free radicals.

But this thing doesn’t just happen to apples alone. Free radicals are everywhere. You don’t see them but they are there damaging your healthy skin cells little by little until they over time make skin appear older, pale and duller than usual.

This is where Antioxidants serums come in to do a world of good for your skin and most especially protect it from these free radicals, brighten skin tone, prevent sun damage, help skin repair itself and correct signs of aging.

Here are two of the very best antioxidant serums you should use for your skin.

  • Vitamin A:

Popularly known as retinoids. vitamin A, retinol, and the retinoid family is one of the most potent antioxidants that it can stimulate collagen production and fight free radical damage. It speeds up cell turnover for younger skin to shine through, and has both immediate and long-term effects. It also treats breakouts and improves texture and age spots."

Try This: Retinol +Vitamin E Serum (N8500)


Customer Review: "This is perhaps my best Neutriherbs product yet! I love, love, love it! My skin took to to this retinol serum like fish to water, no initial rash breakouts, it was love at first sight because my skin says so!!! Face is smoother and sillier! Thank you!" - Rahama (Verified customer)

  •  Vitamin C:

Oh yeah I know you probably have heard about vitamin c serum or even have tried out one yourself. Using vitamin c is such a beautiful thing for skin, Vitamin c is essential especially in your morning skincare routine. Other than being a strong antioxidant it's a well-known natural brightener and Like retinol it helps to boost collagen production and protect against free radicals."

One thing to note, though: "Vitamin C can be an unstable molecule and loses its efficacy quickly, we recommend customers to store their vitamin C serums in cool, darks places like a drawer or even better a skincare fridge. Also when you want to get a vitamin c serum—look for ingredients like Niacinamide, ascorbyl phosphate and vitamin E which helps to boost its efficacy.

Try This: Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Applying this vitamin C serum after cleansing will reduce age spots and uneven tone that many people experience after 40. we highly recommend this serum because “it combines 15 percent pure vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for brighter skin,” and even though it’s affordable at N7500 it “gives you all the benefits you might find in more costly ones, and it’s in a formulation that really works well for most skin types.”

Customer reviews: "I absolutely loved using this product! I never knew my skin glow could be so on point until I tried the Vitamin C serum! It helps my skim look plum and smooth which is something I’ve been trying to achieve for years!" - Cindy (Verified customer)

Step #3: Hydrating serum

As you grow older skin gets drier and duller. We get this complaints a lot from our clients above 40 years most especially.  If this sounds familiar your routine needs a hyaluronic acid serum.

It’s a powerful humectant, meaning it draws in moisture leaving your skin radiantly hydrated.

One to Try: Hyaluronic acid + Vitamin C Serum (N8500)

Customer Reviews: "I love how my face looks now. Its so smooth and no more spots! I have this glow I can't even explain! I'm so excited about this brand. Just the hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin c serum and my face is looking this good! I no longer wear make up. I love my bare face so much!" - Gloria (Verified Customer)

Step #4: The foundation of younger skin is a multitasking moisturizer

In the evening, use a multitasking cream with antioxidants like retinol to enhance cellular turnover (which slows as we age) and to help increase collagen and elasticity in your skin, which also more rapidly start declining from over 35.

Get This: Pro Retinol Cream

 Best retinol cream in Nigeria

Even if you’re just getting started with skincare you should use it. “It’s the closest thing you’d have to an anti aging holy grail". It does almost everything. It helps with acne breakouts, helps with the skin surface, it helps with more effective exfoliation, It gets rid of that dullness, It helps with fine lines and wrinkles, it really does it all.”

Customer Review: "at some point I got tired and afraid not to damage my face b'cos I have used a lot of products and I have a every sensitive skin, until I came across this product (Retinol cream ) I said ok o let me try and see..honestly after 2 weeks to 3 weeks..I couldn't believe what I makes my face soft and smooth" - Mrs Amara.

Step #5: Get a Sunscreen

You do your regular monthly facials, use anti aging creams, wash face with a cleanser, use retinol & vitamin c products, tried as many expensive foreign products and even cheaper organic skincare products around.

But you know what you're not using?

SPF, not a single drop!

The cold truth is if you're not going to wear SPF (sun protecting factor) it's all a waste. Using sunscreens is one of the ways to tackle the first signs of aging & prevent tanning/sunburn that most people ignore.

Don't be like "most people" Get a sunscreen today. Choose a mineral sunscreen. Make sure it has zinc oxide so it deflects rays very well. 

One to Try: Vitamin C Brightening & Glow Sunscreen spf 30


I like this because it non-greasy, contains antioxidant, fragrance free, does not leave white residue and it’s perfect for all skin types.

Customer Review: Prior to buying this Sunscreen, I never liked using Sunscreen on my face because of the whitish cast other SPFs leave on my skin and cos other SPFs causes my face breakouts... I decided to try the Neutriherbs SPF50 and I’m hooked. It’s light weight and non greasy, it has a matte finishing. It loves my face and my face loves it. I highly recommend this SPF for every woman that loves her skin - Helen D (Verified customer)

Anti aging skincare routine in 4 steps

Shop All Anti Aging Products To Make Your Skin Look Fresher and Younger

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