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How To Know a Good Anti Aging Cream To Buy

It can be difficult to find a proper anti aging skin care to use.

There are a tons of cosmetics and skincare brands to choose from and every day we get to see new products being advertised on facebook, instagram and in beauty shops which could sometimes get so confusing and overwhelming because they all promise same amazing benefits but then which do you try? Which brands can you really trust?

That’s why we are sharing an important tip in this post that would help you tell if an Anti aging product is worth giving a try or not.

The most important thing you should consider before getting any cream at all is:

 Ingredients and formulation

The packaging or brand name or product name doesn't mean it's going to be good for you. It's not about where a product is made or even if a friend recommended it for you.

The only thing that matters is what's inside the bottle? And that's where Ingredients and formulation comes in.

You need to ask what's the active ingredients in this product?

Active ingredients are ingredients that actually makes product work and enables a product treat a specific skin concern. So a product promising anti aging benefits will have active ingredients different from a product for sunburn.

The first step to truly finding an appropriate anti aging skin care for yourself is by knowing what types of anti aging ingredients are safe, healthy and effective and what ingredients you should avoid.



When The Cure Is Worse Than The Problem

For example, if you look at many anti aging products, you will see synthetic fragrance that irritates the skin, and could possibly impact the nervous system negatively, because of the chemicals they contain. 

Even some products contain Hydroquinone which is toxic and cancer causing and shouldn’t be in any skincare products whatsoever.

Worse is using products that you don't know what's inside because the manufacturers did not write it on the label. It's dangerous and it's safe to say if a product or company is ethical enough they should be transparent to their customers about the ingredients that they'd be putting on their skin.

Here at Neutriherbs we believe “if you can’t eat it, don’t use on your skin” because whether you like it or not what you rub on your skin finds it way into the body as well.

For an anti aging product to be worth considering it should contain hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Olive oil that are similar to the skin's own natural oils which moisturize and keeps skin hydrated and young looking.

In addition, the product should have natural youth giving ingredients Like Apple Stem Cells or Retinol which help the skin produce more Elastin and collagen, which contributes to young, supple look.

Neutriherbs Retinol Cream is carefully blended with all of these youth giving ingredients to keep your skin firm, smooth and young.


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However, Having good ingredients is just one half of the puzzle the other important thing is how these ingredients are mixed together.


What’s the main active ingredient, what are the concentrations and percentages of the various ingredients, this is actually the key difference between one anti aging products and the other.

For instance, Vitamin c is one of the most powerful and popular anti aging and brightening ingredients that works in modern skincare. 

But just getting a product that claims to have Vitamin C inside is not enough. Vitamin C as an ingredient has different grades and not all Vitamin c products are made equal. 

Even though some cheaper products might claim to have vitamin c, the truth is yes they actually do have the ingredient inside but not enough to actually deliver the results you want or not formulated in a safe and healthy way so you don’t get easily irritated and you keep wondering why products are not working for you or why “supposed organic” products you use are bleaching you up.

On the other hand, another vitamin c serum might be a bit higher in price but includes a higher concentration of active ingredients.

And that’s why you could get a serum from two different brands with same popular ingredient claim and one works while other is just there.

Yes, the economy is tight and price is important, but quality of skincare ingredients and formulation should mean more to you. Find a balance between price and quality.

Products that are designed to actually work rather than for profit include only ingredients that are proven to really benefit your skin. Products that are made as cheap as possible tend to include a lot of fillers which either have no effect at all, or include chemicals that might seem to work in the short term but can actually do more harm than good to your skin over time.

At Neutriherbs, Our Products are made for maximum benefits rather than profit. We are a company built on hardcore scientific research and so when we formulate products we know how much is needed to really bring healthy results to your skin, not just how much we can put in to remain competitively priced.

We are sure about the quality of products we make and that's why we offer a no questions asked guarantee which allows dissatisfied consumers to return the products they purchased within two months for an almost full refund (a small fee is taken due to shipping expenses).

We are a company which truly backs up their products, and the quality offered is proof.


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